Hospice makes more meaningful moments possible.

Moments of Life: Made Possible by Hospice is showing the world that hospice is about more than care for the dying. Hospice and palliative care can make more meaningful moments possible, even when a person is facing a serious or even terminal illness. Watch these families' stories to see the difference this person-centered care can make.

  • Carmin’s Light & Love

    Carmin’s spiritual journey continues despite a terminal diagnosis.

  • Hannabelle's Wonderful Life

    Hannabelle is celebrating one more Christmas at home, thanks to the help of hospice.

  • Making an Impact

    Lauren Hill, a 19-year-old college basketball player, leans on hospice to help her reach a very big goal.

  • Wille

    93-year-old Willie Campbell was there for a six-generation family celebration; hospice helped make it happen.

  • Finishing Strong

    Bryan was a former NFL player who chose hospice to  help him finish strong.

  • Grief Through A Child’s Eyes

    Kids have to say goodbye to loved one, too. Going to 'grief camp' helps them find a way.

  • Baby Amanda
    Baby Amanda

    Amanda's parents got the diagnosis before she born. Hospice helps them celebrate every moment they have.

  • Guest of Honor

    Deneen wanted to see her son get married. Hospice helped bring the wedding to her.

  • Don’s Honor Flight

    With the help of hospice, this World War II veteran took a cross-country journey just hours before he died.

  • The Gift of Volunteering

    Mercedes is a hospice volunteer who gives the gift of time to patients with dementia and Alzheimer's Disease. 

  • The Adirondack Fiddler

    Dale, an award winning fiddler, knew he wasn't going to get any better. Hospice helped him make more music.

  • Moments of Grace
    Moments of Grace

    Robert was a teacher who helped put fears about hospice care... to rest.

  • Care, Support & ALS

    Caregivers to people with serious illnesses may suffer, too; hospice can help.

  • One More Dance
    One More Dance

    Dennis was dying of lung cancer.  Hospice helped him have one more dance with his little girl.

  • Labor of Love

    Hospice joins forces with Habitat for Humanity to promote healing for those who need it most.

  • Arthur
    A Concert for Arthur

    Arthur loved the opera. Hospice made one more performance possible.

  • Michele's Angels
    Michele's Angels

    Michele has ALS, a disease known for taking things away. See how hospice gives her more.

  • One Last Luau
    One Last Luau

    George was surrounded by his two greatest loves-family and the Aloha spirit- one more time.

  • Stanley’s Special Visit

    Hospice helped create a special day for Stanley and his wife... that brought them back in time.

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